McNamara seeks extension to slurry spreading deadline due to adverse weather conditions

In light of the relentless bad weather and excessive rain, Clare Independent TD Michael McNamara has urgently called upon the Minister for Agriculture to extend the slurry spreading deadline to the middle of October.

Along with fellow rural Independent TDs Marian Harkin and Michael Fitzmaurice, Deputy McNamara said immediate action is required for the well-being of farmers.

“Recent images from the ploughing championships on prime land highlight that the weather has been less than forgiving,” he explained. “If conditions are this difficult on prime farmland, imagine the challenges faced by farmers on marginal land. The Minister has the discretion to extend the deadline and must act swiftly to relieve farmers of this burden.”

“The call to extend the deadline is not only about easing the load on our farmers, but it’s also about ensuring that slurry spreading doesn’t put our watercourses at risk from runoff. By forcing farmers to spread in poor conditions to meet a deadline, we are flirting with farmers being blamed for contamination of watercourses, when this is the last thing any responsible farmer wants,” added Deputy McNamara.

“Farmers are under immense pressure, balancing the demands of their livelihoods with stewardship of the land. An extension would not only alleviate immediate pressures but would also allow farmers to plan more strategically for the months ahead. I am strongly urging the Minister to use his discretion to extend the slurry spreading deadline,” he concluded.